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Universal Taxi Cab, Delivery, & Errand Calculator USA - Independent Contractors

If you would like a verified, screened, background checked, mvr checked driver. Sign Up for a verified account & submit to the same otherwise buyer beware. You have the make, model, color, license plate of vehicle what does the driver know about you besides username? Use common sense, show respect to others property get a ride from A to B. A HUMAN is stopping everything, risking their life, to come pick YOU up, you can always walk, jog, scooter, bike, skateboard, contact a friend, family member, co worker & offer them $10+ & Disrupt...Please note neither uber or lyft... verify millions of documents and are negligent in allowing millions of unsafe / uninsured vehicles on the street, they only verify background checks and motor vehicle records, not only is this a public safety issue but evidence of organized crime. Uber Lyft... owe a minimum $4 to every driver for every ride given on their platforms for wage theft. Uber Lyft take 50-90% of fares and pay illegal predatory wages from the 1960s that labor can't "choose" or "agree" to work for, a finders or connection fee is typically 10% this needs to be regulated and capped.
Enter Pick Up Address Above / Use Current Location
Enter Drop Off Address Above
Name Of Business, Hotel, Restauraunt, Store, Airline, Helpful Hints, Gate Codes, Description, Skis, Golf Bags....
Please don't lie about your pet being a service animal.
Drivers do not provide child safety seats. Rider must install & provide child safety seats for each child as required by law. Please include any special instructions if you need a vehicle adapted for a disability.
Try Increasing This Amount To Increase Your Drivers Motivation during such circumstances....

Generate, Download, Email .pdf - DIRECT TO DENVER DRIVER & Yourself by clicking send. The 5 seconds it takes DENVER DRIVER to read the email is 20 times more info ride "share" apps provide in 10+ seconds, distracts less and doesn't attempt to deFRAUD your driver into working for free, predatory, illegal 1970s wages with games, tricks, manipulations brogrammed into the app by game developers, neuro scientists, and criminal executives (still works if below fields are left blank)